easy cosplay ideas for guys – Roxas cosplay

Last time I have post easy cosplay ideas for girls,this time I want to post some easy cosplay ideas for guys.Boys can cosplay Roxas from Kingdom Hearts.It is very easy.There are two verison of Roxas.Let me list two version below.

  1. This Roxas cosplay costume is from Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII.You can wear black coat which made by leather to cosplay Roxas. You can also make that costume by yourself.If you have enough budget,you can also buy Roxas cosplay boots.If not,you can wear black leather shoes instead.Is it easy?

  2. This costume is another version of Roxas Cosplay.You should buy short jacket,black shirt inside and pants.The most important of this cosplay idea is the X sign on the chest.It looks great if you have that X sign.The shoes of this version is different from the first version.You can’t wear other shoes instead.You’d better buy that shoes if you want to cosplay Roxas of this version.
Now,I have told you guys the easy cosplay idea about Roxas cosplay,you can have a try.It will we fun if you do it.By the way,I would like to receive your comment about this cosplay idea.You can leave me the comment below the post.If you have any other easy cosplay ideas for guys,feel free to contact me.I will write a post about your cosplay idea.
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