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May 01

Best Cosplay Commissioners

Some cosplayers always ask me that they have some good cosplay ideas,however they can’t make costumes or wigs by themselves,what will them do?In my opinion,you should find some cosplay commissioners who are good at making costumes or wigs.I have a friend who is one of the best cosplay commissioner,she is good at making costumes or wigs to complete your cosplay ideas.Her cosplay commissions website is .You can submit your cosplay commission which includes the description of the commission, the images of your cosplay ideas, measurements and etc. to the commissoner.She will contact you if she can take your cosplay commission.

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Feb 19

Hetalia Cosplay Ideas – Hetalia England Cosplay

Hi,It is long time since my last post.Now,I want to post hetalia cosplay ideas.Axis Powers Hetalia has lots of characters all over the world,such as Hetalia Ameria Cosplay,Hetalia Russia Cosplay,Hetalia China Cosplay and so on.This time,I will introduce Hetalia England Cosplay.Hetalia England also known as Hetalia United Kingdom.That character is a young man with big eyebrows.If you are interested in that character,you can visit Wikipedia’s introduction .
hetalia england cosplay I like that image of Hetalia England very much.It looks very handsome. Hetalia England cosplay is usually recognized for blond hair,green eyes,very large eyebrows and green RAF costume.If you want to cosplay that character successfully,you should pay attention to those details.

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Jan 17

Misty Cosplay – Easy girl cosplay idea

Do you know Misty from Pokemeon ?If not,let me show you the image of Misty Cosplay first.
Misty Cosplay - Easy girl cosplay idea

Is that Misty cosplay costume easy cosplay idea?When I see that costume,the first  impression is sexy and easy.You can wear your yellow underwaist and mini jeans.Red suspenders maybe a little problem.You should spend some time to find it from cosplay shops.The wig of Misty Cosplay is very cute.If you have enough buget,you should buy that wig.Now,girls who have no ideas about cosplay can cosplay Misty.It is so so easy.Is it?

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Jan 08

Share your cosplay ideas with cosplayers

Would you like to share your cosplay ideas with cosplayers all over the world?If yes,let’s join can click become a member of at the top of the page and register.

  1. What to share?
    As you known, is about Cosplay,Cosplay Ideas and Costume Ideas.You can write any articles about those topics.
  2. How to Share?
    If you register,we will approve you to be an editor.If you are an editor of,you can login in  and post your articles.
  3. Why to Share? will list all contributors who have share their cosplay ideas.We will introduce you to all audience of will have lots of fans. will sponsor you if you made great contributions.We will provide you cosplay costumes,cosplay wigs and cosplay shoes.We can also provide you coupon code of cosplay shops,such as Cosplay Shop .

If you have any suggestions or questions,please feel free to contact

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Dec 27

Anime cosplay ideas – Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay

Will you cosplay anime characters?
This time,I want to post some cosplay ideas about anime cosplay.Have you watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?As I known,Fullmetal Alchemist Anime is one of the most popular anime in America.It has 64 episodes and aired from Apr 6, 2009 to Jul 4, 2010.Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric are main characters of the anime.I would like to cosplay Edward Elric.
FullMetal Alchemist Edward Elric Cosplay CostumeFullMetal Alchemist Edward Elric Cosplay Costume
That Edward Elric Cosplay Costume should included:Overcoat,Jacket,Pants and Gloves. You can wear that costume and try this anime cosplay idea.

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Dec 22

easy cosplay ideas for guys – Roxas cosplay

Last time I have post easy cosplay ideas for girls,this time I want to post some easy cosplay ideas for guys.Boys can cosplay Roxas from Kingdom Hearts.It is very easy.There are two verison of Roxas.Let me list two version below.

  1. This Roxas cosplay costume is from Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII.You can wear black coat which made by leather to cosplay Roxas. You can also make that costume by yourself.If you have enough budget,you can also buy Roxas cosplay boots.If not,you can wear black leather shoes instead.Is it easy?

  2. This costume is another version of Roxas Cosplay.You should buy short jacket,black shirt inside and pants.The most important of this cosplay idea is the X sign on the chest.It looks great if you have that X sign.The shoes of this version is different from the first version.You can’t wear other shoes instead.You’d better buy that shoes if you want to cosplay Roxas of this version.
Now,I have told you guys the easy cosplay idea about Roxas cosplay,you can have a try.It will we fun if you do it.By the way,I would like to receive your comment about this cosplay idea.You can leave me the comment below the post.If you have any other easy cosplay ideas for guys,feel free to contact me.I will write a post about your cosplay idea.
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Dec 07

easy cosplay ideas for girls

If you are a student and have less budget,you can try some easy cosplay ideas.Easy cosplay ideas always spend less money and it won’t take you too much time.Now,I will list some easy cosplay ideas for girls.

  1. Sailor Moon Cosplay can be cosplayed by most girls,it is very easy.
    Easy Cosplay Ideas for girls - Sailor Moon CosplayThat Sailor Moon Cosplay Wig is very important,girls with that wig will be cute r than others.
  2. Vocaloid Rin Costume will also be a good choice for girls  to cosplay.
    Easy Cosplay Ideas for girls Vocaloid Rin Cosplay Costume
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Dec 05

cosplay ideas for girls – by hair style

Lots of cosplay beginner especially girl beginner have no idea about cosplay,what they do is ask,now let’s talk about how to cosplay for girls,I will list cosplay ideas for girls.

It really depends on what type of hair girls cosplayer have and what type of color hair they have.

  1.  If you have black Hair,you can try to cosplay Vocaloid Zatsune Miku
    Vocaloid Zatsune Miku Cosplay CostumeVocaloid Zatsune Miku Cosplay Costume
  2. If you have Brown Hair,you can try to cosplay Ume Kurumizawa.

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Dec 04

Welcome to

Hello,Cosplayers all over the world.Welcome to will provide you lots of cosplay ideas,costume ideas.At,you will get lots of easy and funny cosplay ideas.If you have no ideas about cosplay,please keep focus on my blog.I will try my best to post good cosplay ideas,not only cosplay ideas for guys but also cosplay ideas for girls.If you have any questions about my ideas,please leave your comment.I will see your comment and reply.

Wish you have a good time during visiting

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